Yvelines, France

tl_files/content_images/TCRr.jpgThe French test site is located in several locations, primarily around Versailles, capital of the Yvelines departement 15 km west of Paris but also in Orleans and north of Paris. It is currently built up in within the nationally funded SCORE@F project.

The SCORE@F project originates around the historical Versailles-Satory test track, then expanded to roads operated by Cofiroute, initially around Orleans, and later on expanded to a new toll tunnel on A86 that Cofiroute has just started to operate in 2011. The territorial council of Yvelines, which partly funds SCORE@F, has offered to use open urban roads that are administered and maintained by the council. This urban road adjoins Renault R&D centre, the Versailles-Satory test tracks, PSA's R&D centre in Vélizy-Villacoublay, and the south-most entry of Cofiroute's tunnel. INRIA is located a few kms away from one of the two other tunnel exits.

The SCORE@F test site is ideally located and configured to implement all all types of use cases, such as road safety, traffic efficiency, and comfort.

Please also see the technical specification and map.

Test site events


SCORE@F Final Event

The European project SCORE@F invites to its final event at Inria Rocquencourt near Paris, France on September 24.

In SCORE@F 21 partners have been working in coordination with the pan-European project DRIVE C2X aiming at preparing for the deployment of Cooperative ITS, as driven by the European Commission ITS Directive and the ITS Standardisation Mandate M/453 adopted in 2010.

DRIVE C2X will hold a session moderated by the DRIVE C2X Coordinator Matthias Schulze. The session will take place from 14:00-15:00 focusing on:

  • FOT preparation - Francois Fischer, ERTICO
  • Data management - Thomas Benz, PTV Group
  • Outlook: Data evaluation - Pirkko Rämä, VTT

For more information please visit www.scoref.fr.



Forum des Acteurs, Versailles, France

The second Forum des Acteurs des ITS Coopératifs at the Satory test site in Versailles, France, on 25 September 2012 brings together the partners of the French test site consortium SCORE@F for information exchange, presentations and a demonstration of the SCORE@F system. For an updated schedule please visit → www.scoref.fr or contact → contact@scoref.fr.


Workshop on Cooperative Mobility services, Versailles, France

From 11 to 15 June 2012, cooperative mobility solution vendors will meet at IFSTTAR to test the interoperability of their communication components. This will be an opportunity for experts involved in the standardization, the development and the deployment of cooperative systems to present the principles of these technologies as well as their views about benefits and challenges of the cooperative systems. This workshop on benefits and deployment challenges will take place on 14 June 2012 at IFSTTAR, Versailles-Satory, involving members of DRIVE C2X and the C2X community.

The availability of appropriate V2V and V2I communication systems will allow proposing a wide range of application to the drivers:
• Safety application to warn drivers about potential dangers
• Application to broadcast information like parking availability
• Business applications like fleet management

More information

11.06.2012 - 15.06.2012

Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtest, Versailles, France

The success of the previous Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtests™ event on ETSI ITS Transport and Networking communication layer protocols has led ERTICO and ETS to pursue their efforts in providing a further series of interoperability events for Cooperative Systems.

The next event is intended to focus on Facility protocols.

The aim of the interoperability program is to validate the ITS communication layer base standards and thus support the standardization process. Vendor to vendor test sessions will assess the level of interoperability and the correct understanding of the base standard requirements. By performing Plugtests, suppliers are preparing Cooperative ITS equipment for deployment according to the Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area.