Vigo, Spain

Name Spanish/Galician Test Site (SISCOGA)
Location 2 different corridors
Latitude: 42.17103
Longitude: -8.622208
Open for public yes
Number of cars in the test fleet Currently 7 vehicles running (3 prototypes, 4 personal cars)
Planned: 20 vehicles: 2 CTAG prototypes and 18 from participants to carry out naturalistic driving FOT
Approximate flow of cars per day 20 vehicles/day (2 trips) (if public test area)
Highway road length 60 km
Rural road length 0 km
Urban road length 0 km (possibility to upgrade with some urban scenarios in Tui council)
Number of intersections 0, currently. Possible upgrade with urban scenarios and 1 intersection in Tui Council
ITS central station available yes
Road components available Number of RSU: 15 current, 30 planned (mid 2011)
19 Variable Message Signs
7 Meteo Stations
21 Cameras with panning and zooming
Inductive wiring
Additional services / stations FOT Management Centre in CTAG with a Data Server.
Network coverage GPRS / UMTS / 802.11p
Functions to be tested Roadworks warning, Car Breakdown warning, Traffic Jam Ahead warning, post Crash Warning, Emergency electronic Brake lights, Cooperative Merging assistance, Weather warning, In vehicle signage, Regulatory and contextual speed limit, traffic Information and recommended itinerary, Descentralized floating Car data