Vehicle Integration

In each test site, DRIVE C2X prototypes are integrated into selected vehicles, constituting the DRIVE C2X fleet.

Vehicles are provided by the OEMs and other project partners, and are equipped with both communication (CCU) and application units (AU). Typically the CCU is equipped with a Linux operating system and a WLAN antenna, as well as a CAN adapter. The AU is currently running a Microsoft Windows version. Both units will be integrated unobtrusively into the vehicles.

The integration of enhanced PRE-DRIVE C2X prototypes into vehicles and roadside equipment relies on successfully executed plug tests. In those interoperability events “check vehicles” and “reference roadside unit” will be developed for later reference. Successful interoperability tests will enable a common functional description to be used for test fleet acquisition and setup in the test sites.

Integration aspects include

  • the adaptation of HMI-related software components to vehicle-specific I/O devices
  • the gateway to individual in-vehicle communication systems or buses (typically CAN)
  • in-vehicle wiring and physical installation of the DRIVE C2X hardware platforms
  • integration of the driver communication unit for test driver instruction.