Test sites

DRIVE C2X test sites are located from the North to the South of Europe, encompassing seven test sites in total.
Two types of test sites are distinguished: System Test Sites (STS) and Functional Test Sites (FTS).

System test sites will be installed with the full DRIVE C2X system prototypically, allowing implementation, test and evaluation of all functions selected for DRIVE C2X. On the test site map below, you may find the system test site in Helmond, Netherlands.

Functional test sites are test sites that do not necessarily comply with the full DRIVE C2X spectrum. However, they allow evaluation of functions that are the same or similar as the functions agreed for DRIVE C2X. The purpose of the function test sites is primarily to deliver data for the evaluations. Besides they will also serve for interoperability and harsh conditions tests and demonstration of the Europe-wide functioning of the DRIVE C2X.

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Vigo      Brennero  Yvelines  Frankfurt Helmond   Gothenburg Tampere