Structure and Plan

The project DRIVE C2X has a duration of 42 months. It started in January 2011 and will end in June 2014. The project is structured in 5 sub-projects (SP), which lay out an efficient and easily conceivable work plan for all partners to ensure that there is a general understanding of the work objectives and responsibilities.

There are two horizontal activities, SP1 Management and SP5 Cooperative Driving Promotion. The remaining three sub-projects focus on the actual implementation part of the project work. The activities in SP2, SP3 and SP4 have strong interdependencies and require close collaboration. SP2 FOT Framework is responsible for the planning and specification of the testing methodology. SP3 FOT Operations is in charge of the road test activities. Finally, SP4 FOT Evaluation deals with the evaluation of the field operational tests.

SP5 Cooperative Driving Promotion is in continuous contact with all three implementation sub-projects and ensures that the activities and results are distributed throughout the project’s life-time. Furthermore, the role of this SP is to push deployment by initiating private and public-private ventures, create viable business models and give input for technological standards.

Additionally, SP1 Management coordinates and monitors the activities within the project. Specific management effort is the integration of the various national projects via test site harmonisation and the integration of the large group of support members. The overall approach is to open up for a broad participation of the various stakeholders to achieve the needed bases for deployment.

Summary of SP1-SP5