DRIVE C2X will rely on the software components developed in PRE-DRIVE C2X for field operational testing, for the integration of backend services and for system management.

The basic system comprises the communication system (radio, communication protocols), facilities, Human-Machine-Interface, applications and management. DRIVE C2X will design and implement necessary technology enhancements to fit the advanced test sites and vehicles, based on

  • test site requirements
  • recent technological developments in the area of cooperative systems
  • compliance with relevant European ITS standards.

Hence, enhancements for wireless communication and networking will address ITS G5 access technology and also the usage and improved integration of cellular networks (UMTS) in the FOT. Additionally, technology enhancements for networking with regard to GeoNetworking protocols, enhanced support of IPv6, as well as the integration of IPv4 and IPv6 will be made.

The enhancements of ITS facilities include adaptation of existing facility components (CAM, DENM, etc.) to comply with the recent ETSI standards and, if needed, the implementation of new facilities.

The existing PRE-DRIVE C2X implementation of the Human-Machine-Interface (referred to as HMI-Support and HMI-Device Provider) will be updated to support the DRIVE C2X applications in associated test sites.

Finally, the implementation of existing applications, like Green-light optimal speed advisory, will be improved and new applications will be implemented.

ITS software stack