Road to market

Successful implementation of vehicular communication requires considerable investments and coordinated efforts of all stakeholders involved. Otherwise the huge benefits that can be expected of this technology can not be realised. The key to successful implementation is a commonly agreed roadmap, which defines the necessary steps towards market introduction. In order to achieve this agreement each stakeholder needs clarity about what is involved in such an implementation decision. A clear view is required on the costs for system implementation as well as on the benefits and potential revenues generated by vehicular communication. DRIVE C2X provides decision makers from all stakeholders with the information that is needed for an implementation decision. Based on the data generated in field trials with cooperative systems technology on seven European test sites the benefits of cooperative systems with regard to traffic safety and efficiency and drivers' convenience are identified and in a second step quantified in monetary terms. In parallel the costs for system implementation are identified and put into relationship to the identified benefits. This is done from a socio-economic and a business-economic point of view, so that the outcome of the project will be a benefit/cost analysis addressing the societal aspects of vehicular communication and detailed business models addressing the needs of those stakeholders, who have to decide on major investments in this technology.

Having a commonly agreed roadmap for system implementation and insight in the benefits and costs related to the implementation of cooperative systems technology is one important prerequisite for successful implementation of cooperative system. The availability of standards to build the system on is another. Therefore, DRIVE C2X is contributing to the standardisation process ongoing at ETSI TC ITS under the EC standardisation mandate through participation of DRIVE C2X staff to the various standardisation working groups and by making documents available to ETSI TC ITS that are relevant for standardisation. Furthermore DRIVE C2X is participating to various ETSI events such as the annual ETSI TC ITS workshop or ETSI plugtests.

Thus DRIVE C2X is covering all aspects of market implementation. It brings together all stakeholders involved, prepares an implementation roadmap and provides the necessary certainty for a decision for market introduction by investigation of the socio-economic and business-economic aspects of cooperative driving and contributing significantly to the European ITS standardisation.

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