Please find DRIVE C2X-related publications including articles, papers, deliverables, conference presentations, proceedings, and other contributions below. Access to the publications or external links are provided where available. Some external links require subscription or authorization.

July 2014

DRIVE C2X final event
July 16-17, 2014
Berlin, EUREF-Campus

June 2014

10th ITS European Congress

  • Evaluating user acceptance of C2X systems by focus group discussions
    Elina Aittoniemi, Merja Penttinen (VTT), Pirkko Rämä (VTT), Joerg Rech (FACIT)
  • Ready to Cooperate? User Acceptance of DRIVE C2X Application
    Joerg Rech (FACIT), Merja Penttinen (VTT), Pirkko Rämä (VTT), Catrin Gotschol (FACIT)
  • Slow Vehicle Warning: technical evaluation in DRIVE C2X
    Oliver Sawade (FHG), Birgit Kwella (FHG), Ilja Radusch (FHG)

May 2014

79th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

  • Empirical Evaluation of Cooperative Awareness in Vehicular Communications
    Pedro D´Orey (NEC), Mate Boban (NEC) → external link (restricted access)

October 2013

20th ITS World Congress, Tokyo

  • Data Management in Field Operational Tests
    Sami Koskinen, VTT → external link
  • User Evaluation of Cooperative C-ITS
    Cécile Barbier (REN), et al → external link (restricted access)

June 2013

DRIVE C2X @ TSS, Göteborg

IEEE International Conference on Communications 2013, Budapest

  • Effective implementation of location services for VANETs in hybrid network infrastructures
    Konstantinos Katsaros (University of Surrey), Mehrdad Dianati (University of Surrey), Long Le (NEC) → external link (restricted access)

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2013

  • Cooperative Systems in Motorway Environment: The Example of Trento Test Site in Italy
    Filippo Visintainer (Centro Ricerche Fiat), Leandro D’Orazio (Centro Ricerche Fiat), Marco Darin (Centro Ricerche Fiat), Luciano Altomare (Centro Ricerche Fiat) → external link (restricted access)

9th ITS European Congress, Dublin

  • Technical Evaluation of Cooperative Systems Experience from the DITCM Test Site
    Bart Netten (TNO), Igor Passchier (TNO), Harry Wedemeijer (TNO), Sander Maas (TNO), Coen van Leeuwen (TNO) → external link (restricted access)

November 2012

IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) 2012, Seoul

  • Characterization and Modeling of Dissemination Delays in Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks
    Tristan Gaugel, Jens Mittag, Hannes Hartenstein (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) → external link (restricted access)

International Conference - The Convergence of Systems Towards Sustainable Mobility, Turin

  • Extension of DRIVE C2X Italian Test Site within EIT Safe Mobility
    Filippo Visintainer (Centro Ricerche Fiat)

October 2012

19th ITS World Congress, Vienna

  • Special session Business models and revenue sources for C2X communication in conjunction with  IBECexternal link (resticted access)
    Matthias Schulze (Daimler, moderator); Wolfgang Schulz (IERC); Nadja Rappold (facit); Torsten Geissler (BASt); Marco Jandrisits (ASFINAG); Luisa Andreone (Centro Ricerche Fiat)
  • Special session Global deployment of Car-2-X communication technologyexternal link (resticted access)
    Andreas Festag (NEC Laboratories Europe, moderator); Mike Shulman (Ford Motor Company); Jianqiang Wang (Tsinghua University); Takeshi Yamamoto (ITS Info-Communications Forum, Japan); Paul Gray (Cohda Wireless); Lan Lin (Hitachi Europe)
  • Safety and traffic efficiency applications for geomessaging over cellular mobile networks
    Andreas Festag (NEC Laboratories Europe) → external link
  • Applying the FESTA methodology to cooperative system FOTs
    Oliver Sawade (Fraunhofer FOKUS); David Sanchez (CTAG); Ilja Radusch (Fraunhofer FOKUS) → external link (restricted access)
  • ITS station experimentations in real test tracks 
    Hasnaâ Aniss, Jean-Marc Blosseville (IFSTTAR) → external link (restricted access)
  • Accompanying the development of road-based cooperative systems: ergonomics analysis to construct a roadmap for user testing
    Cécile Barbier, Gérard Ségarra, Jean-François Forzy, Corinne Lauer (Renault) → external link (restricted access)
  • Preparing simulative evaluation of the GLOSA application
    Daniel Krajzewicz, Laura Bieker, Jakob Erdmann (DLR) → external link 
  • Creating research hypotheses and defining measurements for FOT evaluation
    Pirkko Rämä (VTT) → external link (resricted access)
  • Results of Spanish FOT on cooperative systems
    Francisco Sanchez, David Sanchez, Rosa Blanco, Jose Luis Diez, Miguel Segovia, Virginia Sixto (CTAG) → external link (restricted access)
  • Contribution to special session ITS certification towards sustainable deployment
    Jürgen Großmann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)  → external link (restricted access)

September 2012

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

  • A Novel Distributed Asynchronous Multichannel MAC Scheme for Large-Scale Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    Chong Han (University of Surrey), Mehrdad Dianati (University of Surrey), Rahim Tafazolli (University of Surrey), Xing Liu (University of Surrey), Xuemin Shen (University of Waterloo) → external link (restricted access)

August 2012

8th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing conference, Limassol

  • Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Route Change Application Using an Integrated Cooperative ITS Simulation Platform
    C. Zinoviou, K. Katsaros, R. Kernchen, M. Dianati (University of Surrey) → external link (restricted access)

July 2012

DRIVE C2X @ DITCM, Helmond

June 2012

EasyWay Workshop on Possible strategies and roadmaps for the deployment of cooperative systems in Europe, Brussels

  • Considerations for Deployment of C2X Communication
    Tapani Mäkinen (VTT)

April 2012

18th European Wireless Conference, Poznan

  • Co-operative ITS - Standardization, Improving Road Safety and Traffic Efficiency
    Achim Brakemeier (Daimler AG) → external link (restricted access)

March 2012

Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3) in conjunction with the 5th ICST International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques

  • A Position-based Routing Module for Simulation of VANETs in NS-3
     Konstantinos Katsaros, Mehrdad Dianati (University of Surrey); Karsten Roscher (Fraunhofer ESK) → external link

February 2012

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Analytical Study of the IEEE 802.11p MAC Sub-layer in Vehicular Networks
    Chong Han, Mehrdad Dianati, Rahim Tafazolli, Ralf Kernchen (University of Surrey); Xuemin Shen (University of Waterloo) → external link (restricted access)

December 2011

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

  • Application of Vehicular Communications for Improving the Efficiency of Traffic in Urban Areas
    Konstantions Katsaros, Ralf Kernchen, Mehrdad Dianati, Charalambos Zinoviou (University of Surrey); David Rieck (Fraunhofer FOKUS) → external link (restricted access)

November 2011

IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference 2011, Amsterdam

  • Asynchronous Multi-Channel MAC for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
    Chong Han, Mehrdad Dianati, Rahim Tafazolli, Ralf Kernchen (University of Surrey) → external link (restricted access)
  • CLWPR - A Novel Cross-Layer Optimized Position Based Routing Protocol for VANETs
    Konstantinos Katsaros, Mehrdad Dianati, Rahim Tafazolli, Ralf Kernchen (University of Surrey) → external link (restricted access)

October 2011

18th ITS World Congress, Orlando

  • Starting European field tests for Car-2-X Communication: the DRIVE C2X Framework
    Rainer Stahlmann (Audi AG); Andreas Festag (NEC Laboratories Europe); Andrea Tomatis (Hitachi Europe); Ilja Radusch (Fraunhofer FOKUS); François Fischer (ERTICO - ITS Europe) → external link (restricted access)
  • Using EuroFOT Operational Experience in DRIVE C2X
    Maxime Flament (ERTICO - ITS Europe) → external link (restricted access)
  • Special Session slides Field operational tests as enabler for cooperative mobility in Europe?

DRIVE C2X @ simTD, Friedberg

1st Plenary Meeting of the iMobility Forum, Brussels

September 2011

8th ACM International Workshop on VehiculAr Inter-NETworking (VANET), Las Vegas

  • Field Operational Tests for Cooperative Systems: A Tussle Between Research, Standardization and Deployment
    Andreas Festag, Long Le, Maria Goleva (NEC Laboratories Europe) → external link (restricted eccess)

July 2011

7th IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, Istanbul

  • Performance Study of a Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) Application Using an Integrated Cooperative ITS Simulation Platform
     Konstantinos Katsaros, Ralf Kernchen, Mehrdad Dianati (University of Surrey); David Rieck (Fraunhofer FOKUS)  → external link (restricted access) 
  • Improving reliability of emergency message dissemination in VANETs
     Mohammad M. Taghipour, Chong Han, Mehrdad Dianati (University of Surrey)  → external link (restricted access) 

June 2011

COMeSafety2 newsletter No. 1

8th ITS European Congress, Lyon


The following table shows the list of project deliverables with due dates. Public deliverables in report form can be accessed via the provided links. Non-public deliverables can be made available on request to entities engaged in FP7-sponsored research. In case you are interested in a full version of a non-public deliverable please contact Sarah Metzner.

DRIVE C2X deliverables
No Deliverable name Access Date
D11.3 Report on FOT operations (abstract, full version) public 10/2013
D11.4 Impacts of cooperative systems and user perception (abstract, full version) public 06/2014
D11.5 Deployment strategies for cooperative driving including standards and business models (IP-Deliverable) (abstract) non-public 06/2014
D11.6 Final report (abstract, full version) public 06/2014
DRIVE C2X methodology framework (abstract, full version)
D23.1 DRIVE C2X system specification (abstract) non-public 10/2011
D24.1 DRIVE C2X system technology enhancements and plug test report (abstract) non-public 03/2012
D25.1 DRIVE C2X test environment: specification, implementation and tests (abstract) non-public 06/2012
D26.1 DRIVE C2X vehicle integration and interoperability check report (abstract) non-public 07/2012
D27.1 DRIVE C2X operational and technical guidelines (abstract) non-public 03/2012
D32.1 DRIVE C2X FOT system validation (abstract) non-public 09/2012
D33.1 DRIVE C2X FOT test site adaptation (abstract) non-public 10/2012
D35.1 Report on implementation of DRIVE C2X data management to test sites (abstract) non-public 02/2013
D36.1 Report on implementation of DRIVE C2X fleet/user management to test sites (abstract) non-public 02/2013
D37.1 Report on implementation of DRIVE C2X Services/applications management to test sites (abstract) non-public 02/2013
D42.1 DRIVE C2X FOT research questions and hypotheses and experimental design (abstract) nonpublic 12/2011
D43.1 Detailed data specifications for evaluation (abstract) nonpublic 09/2012
D44.1 Technical performance of DRIVE C2X functions in full-scale FOT operations (abstract) non-public 09/2013
D52.1 Dissemination plan (abstract) nonpublic 01/2012
D52.2 Report on effectiveness of dissemination channels and means (abstract) nonpublic 12/2012
D53.1 Cooperative ambient web site (full version) public 05/2011
D53.2 Cooperative mobility short film public 10/2012
D54.1 Report on cooperative driving campaign (abstract, full version) public 06/2014
D55.1 Report on compliance of DRIVE C2X system and applications with international ITS standards (abstract) non-public 12/2012