Bringing C2X technologies on the road requires a strong network and support of respected organizations. Building up from the partnerships established during the predecessor project PRE-DRIVE C2X, DRIVE C2X collaborates with several organizations to create a harmonised, European-wide testing environment for cooperative systems.

The field operational tests will be realized on seven test sites in total. The sites are located in strategically chosen countries and will build the technological foundation for rolling out cooperative driving.

The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) is a non-profit industry-driven organization that represents an European industry consortium of car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and research organizations. The objective of the consortium is to increase road traffic safety and efficiency.
 Many DRIVE C2X partners are also key partners of the C2C-CC. Hence, a cooperation to exchange information has been established. Results in harmonised technologies are being fed back to the C2C-CC working groups. This will ensure that DRIVE C2X’s impact assessment of C2X technologies represents the system that is promoted by the C2C-CC.

DRIVE C2X works closely together with EasyWay, a project for Europe-wide ITS deployment driven by national road authorities and operators. By collaborating with EasyWay, the project gains valuable perspective on different aspects of cooperative systems and their deployment. By exchanging information on a regular basis, the two projects can synchronize their efforts and hence create synergies. Additionally, DRIVE C2X builds on results that have already been achieved in other projects e.g. simTD, COMeSafety 2, SCORE@F.

Standardization bodies