Helmond, Netherlands

Name Helmond A270
Location Helmond, The Netherlands
Latitude: 51°27'39.14"N
Longitude: 5°33'37.53"E
Open for public Yes, can be closed incidentally
Number of cars in the test fleet 20 OBU
Approximate flow of cars per day Rush hour: 1500 veh/hr/lane
Mid-day: 600 veh/hr/lane
(2 lanes) 
Highway road length 4.2 km
Rural road length 0 km
Urban road length 1.8 km
Number of intersections 1 traffic light (at the start)
1 traffic light (in the middle, by 2012)
4 viaducts
1 entrance, 1 exit, 1 bus entrance
ITS central station available Yes, at TNO premises (connected to all ITS roadside stations via a dedicated fibre network)
Road components available 48 poles to install equipment (fibre and electricity sockets available)
11 communication units (802.11p)
47 fixed cameras
9 dome cameras
Network coverage UMTS / 3G
802.11p (full coverage)
dGPS (full coverage, for accuracy of < 50 cm)
Functions to be tested All functions within DRIVE C2X are functionally tested on their interoperability.