Helmond, The Netherlands

Helmond system test site

The Helmond test site is named DITCM, which stands for “Dutch Integrated Testsite for Cooperative Mobility”. DITCM is a testsite which consists of several intersections (including traffic lights) and a highway with full 802.11p and camera coverage. Within the project DITCM acts as the so-called System Test Site (STS) where the full DRIVE C2X reference system is installed. This allows the partners to test and validate the different DRIVE C2X applications on a single testsite before these are deployed on the other six testsites where the Field Operational Tests take place. Having a single STS where all OEMs can perform their tests also allows to perform combined tests in order to guarantee interoperability.

Please also see the technical specification and map.

Test site events



In the second event of the “Making Cooperative Systems Cooperate” tour DRIVE C2X joins up with the Helmond test site to show the full DRIVE C2X reference system to the public for the first time.