Gothenburg, Sweden

Name Swedish Test site
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Latitude: 57.70726
Longitude: 11.933212
Open for public Partially, all places open except Closed Test Tracks, Hällered and Stora Holm.
Number of cars in the test fleet 20
Approximate flow of cars per day 20 equipped with 802.11p
Highway road length >100 km
Rural road length >50 km
Urban road length >100km
Number of intersections 100 with traffic light, 0 without
ITS central station available yes, at Lindholmen Science Park
Road components available Number of RSU: 7
3 traffic light controllers with 802.11p also used for COSMO with common user case Green light optimal speed advisory
VMSs on the main highway entering the city.
Additional services / stations OBU from Delphi, touch screen, naturalistic logger and camera equipment from EuroFOT
Network coverage UMTS, 3G, GPRS, 802.11p
Functions to be tested Traffic jam ahead warning, Road works warning, Car breakdown warning, In-vehicle signage, Green-light optimal speed advisory, common with COSMO, Decentralized floating car data