With 34 partners, 13 support partners and 18.6 million Euro budget, DRIVE C2X will lay the foundation for rolling out cooperative systems in Europe. Hence, lead to a safer, more economical and more ecological driving.

Funded with 12.4 million Euro by the European Commission, DRIVE C2X will carry out a comprehensive assessment of cooperative systems through Field Operational Tests. Building up on the results of the predecessor PRE-DRIVE C2X, the project will deploy cooperative technologies in several European test sites. Namely, the test deployment will include seven test sites in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. This effort will create a harmonized Europe-wide testing environment for C2X technologies. The results of this large-scale environment will be used to raise awareness in the general public, provide feedback for standard organizations and for initiating public-private ventures. These steps will lead to a successful road to market.

The structure and plan of DRIVE C2X consolidates these goals into an actionable schedule. The management approach is outlined in this page.


Duration 42 months
Total costs 18.6 mio. €
EU requested contribution 12.4 mio. €
Total person months 1154 PM
Partners 34
Support members 13

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