Considerable benefits can be expected from C2X communication with regard to the efficiency of road traffic. Vehicles equipped with C2X communication based on the emerging ETSI TC ITS standards do continuously emit a heartbeat message containing anonymized information on the actual position of the vehicle and its current speed.

Traffic management improvements

This data combined with the information on potential hazards on the roads that comes in through C2X communication as well, allows for an optimized traffic management and better use of the existing road network. Re-routing of traffic is made easier and short and long-term prediction of traffic volume is improved considerably because of the high quality of the traffic-related data provided by C2X communication. Last but not least cities can use data generated by C2X communication to better adapt traffic light phases to the actual traffic volume and send information on these phases into approaching vehicles in order to give drivers the possibility to adjust vehicle speed accordingly.

Traffic information improvements

But not only traffic management is improved through C2X communication. Vehicle drivers will also benefit from better traffic information enabled by C2X communication. Among others this improved information allows for optimization of route guidance with regard to travel time, distance driven and fuel consumption.

Economic insights

Simulations have been done for several traffic-related applications of C2X communication technology. These simulations are indicating that the system will indeed live up to the expectations. However, simulations are always limited with regard to the road network simulated and the number of vehicles. Therefore simulation results are always of limited validity.
By analysing test data generated on the seven European DRIVE C2X test sites and applying the integrated simulation toolset developed in PRE-DRIVE C2X to this data, DRIVE C2X provides detailed insight into the benefits of cooperative systems with regard to traffic efficiency. Also, by the application of tools and methods for economic evaluation of C2X systems that were developed in PRE-DRIVE C2X the monetary aspects of these benefits are investigated such as savings in costs for congestion, time and emission and in costs for vehicle operation.