DRIVE C2X is investigating the impacts of cooperative driving functions in field conditions with the help of ordinary drivers. In principle, two different application areas feature cooperative driving:

  • C2C where vehicles exchange information on safety-relevant or other useful information
  • C2I where vehicles are exchanging information with backend systems like traffic lights or road operators.

We want to know how drivers react to different services that cooperative systems provide. The opinions, attitudes and behaviour of drivers are of paramount importance when considering the later market introduction of cooperative systems.

Field Operational Test (FOT)

Field Operational Test (FOT) is a powerful tool for studying functions and systems that have reached an advanced stage of development. Yet, up to present the real benefits and acceptance of cooperative systems among the driving public have not been investigated in depth. Large-scale testing of intelligent vehicle safety systems with ordinary drivers in traffic has been quite rare in Europe until now.

ICT functions and systems

Development of ICT functions and systems for mobility and transport such as intelligent vehicle safety systems have been largely driven by technology interest and possibilities. Recent pilots and demonstrations have concentrated on assessing the technical performance and user acceptance of the system either as prototypes or as preliminary versions or services on a small scale. There is still a great demand for facts on the short- and especially long-term effects of the systems in travel and traffic behaviour, the related transport system effects on safety, flow, efficiency and environment, and the overall social and business impacts of the services and systems in a large-scale deployment. In addition, all stakeholders wish to know with sufficient reliability the long-term acceptance and willingness-to-pay of ordinary users for the systems.

These are the aspects of field testing DRIVE C2X is focusing now. Based on these results business models and deployment strategies are to be developed with various business or public partners.

Schematic of V2X communication