DRIVE C2X foremost goal is the deployment of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication technologies. According to the ITS Action Plan of the European Commission, the deployment of ITS has been slow, fragmented and requires coordination. The project performs activities across several disciplines to make C2X systems available throughout Europe. These disciplines include technical research and development, field-operational tests as well as methodical evaluation. All these activities will facilitate a coordinated and efficient deployment of ITS systems.

The project faces several challenges to improve the current situation of automotive mobility like road congestion, road safety and co2 emissions. The response to those problems can not be focused on the expansion of infrastructure alone. Hence, C2X technologies present a viable option and need to be deployed. One important aspect of the European roll-out is to accelerate and coordinate the uptake of ITS services; another is to increase the interoperability of diverse components and technologies. Additionally, legal and privacy issues need to be clarified.

The project DRIVE C2X will meet those challenges and addresses them with a well-defined project plan. Within the preparation and operation sub-projects, the technical area is driven by development and standardization activities. The evaluation of usability and economic factors will be accomplished during the evaluation part. Furthermore, the promotion sub-project will raise awareness in the general public and highlight the benefits of C2X for investors. Hence, the market introduction will be supported by the future users and new successful cooperations which provide C2X services.

In summary, DRIVE C2X is fully in line with the European priority actions for deploying Intelligent Transport Systems. Hence, those systems will contribute to create a greener, more efficient and more comfortable driving experience in Europe.

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