C2X communication based on the emerging ETSI G5 standards does not only empower safety and efficiency related applications. The fact that ITS stations building on ETSI G5 do also include mobile communication allows implementation of commercial services as well. The data generated by C2X communication can for instance be collected in anonymized form on dedicated back ends operated by companies that will process this data and do either offer commercial services on their own or sell this processed data to providers of commercial services. Examples are insurance and financial services such as pay as you drive or new concepts for vehicle leasing based on driving habits. Also, among others, location based services can be made far more customer specific using data from C2X communication as can be applications for fleet management and customer relationship management.

As can be seen this data is an important asset and it can be expected, that back end operators and data aggregators will be willing to pay for the data that they are processing and re-selling. This offers a revenue source for all those who have to make considerable investments in order to implement C2X communication. Model calculations have been made in PRE-DRIVE C2X and are documented in PRE-DRIVE C2X Deliverable D5.2-5.3 Social, political economics and business economics impacts of cooperative systems, potential business models, please contact us to acquire the documents.