The DRIVE C2X consortium consists of 34 partners and 13 support members. It includes the leading European players, who possess comprehensive knowledge in cooperative mobility, and have a long lasting experience in EU funded projects.

In DRIVE C2X the automotive OEMs play a key role for the project’s sucess. They will provide test vehicles and the human machine interfaces for field operational tests. Additionally, the project will benefit from their requirements for functions, technical and user acceptance tests.

The electronics and supplier industry, telephone companies as well as the software developers support the DRIVE C2X project by conducting technical tests. They provide equipment and software for the vehicles and the infrastructure.

Traffic engineers and research institutes establish the academic groundwork for the measurements and impact assessment. Furthermore, they coordinate and support the testing.

Road operators help to provision the test sites and handle the test site operation. They also collect data for the field operational tests and execute fleet, as well as user management.

The additional partners are specialists in their respective field. On the one hand the organizations fulfil managerial and consulting functions. On the other hand, they help developing business models and economic impact assessments. Furthermore, the additional partners support coordinating and disseminating DRIVE C2X.

Automotive OEMs

Electronics and supplier industry

Software developers

Traffic engineers

Research institutes

Road operators


* support partner, § third party