Brennero, Italy

Name Brennero
Location Trento, Italy
Latitude: 47.0051
Longitude 11.5082
Open for public Yes
Number of cars in the test fleet 10 vehicles are planned
Approximate flow of cars per day 25k-35k per day (peaks of 45k in July/August)
Highway road length 313 km
Rural road length 0 km
Urban road length 0 km
Number of intersections No intersections
ITS central station available Yes
Road components available Variable Message Signs gantries
TVCC cameras
Traffic loops
Ethernet connection to Traffic Control Centre and among Roadside Units
On-site processing modules
5 Roadside Units with Router IEEE802.11p are planned
Additional services / stations Traffic Control Centre located in Trento
3-6 operators monitor the entire highway 24/7 (TVCC video images, traffic/weather sensor data, AID event alerts)
Communication with drivers via VMS, RDS-TMC, Radio broadcasts, Bluetooth smart-phone apps and internet terminals on rest areas
Servers clusters available for data processing
Online real-time monitoring of infrastructure (network, sensors, VMS, etc.)
Network coverage UMTS / 3G
Functions to be tested Traffic Jam Ahead Warning, Roadworks warning, Car breakdown warning , Slow vehicle warning, In-vehicle signage, Point of interest notification