Brennero, Italy

tl_files/content_images/TS_Brennero_life.jpgThe Italian test site is located near the city of Trento in northern Italy, along the Autostrada del Brennero (A22), a 314 km long motorway which connects the Austrian border on the Brennero pass with the city of Modena. The test site used for DRIVE C2X is a 49 km long section between Trento and Rovereto along the A22. It is operated by Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF) and the motorway operator Autostrada del Brennero SpA (BRE).

The Autostrada del Brennero is a tollway with two lanes per direction; however, the trial site includes a so-called "third dynamic lane": in case of necessity the hard shoulder can be used as a third lane for traffic. The general speed limit is 130 km/h. Within the test site, a highly equipped subsection of 9 km length is dedicated specifically to vehicle-infrastructure interaction. All testing happens on the public road. Non-public areas, owned by BRE and CRF, are available in the vicinity of the test site.

The testsite offers full coverage of GPRS/UMTS. A specific area between Rovereto Nord and Rovereto Sud toll stations is being equipped with 5 ITS-G5 Roadside Stations.

Please also see the technical specification and map of the Brennero test site.

Test site events

Currently there are no events.